Community Meal


BNF offers a free community meal each Saturday at 4:30PM.  Doors open at 4:00PM for fellowship.  All are welcome to join us for a time of fellowship, food, fun, music and ministry!  Volunteers are always appreciated!

Food Pantry


Our monthly food pantry is held the last Wednesday of the month from 3:00-5:00PM from January-October and earlier in the month in November and December.  We distribute several tons of food to food insecure residents each month.  Volunteers are essential to the success of this ministry!



Each June, the youth from Union Chapel Ministries give one week of their time to SERVE our City.  The SERVE team helps us with our efforts to serve our community. Teams clean up and beautify our neighborhood, nearby parks, serve in our Food Pantry, prepare meals, work in our gardens, spend time building relationships with the youth in our summer recreation program and so much more.

Neighborhood Beautification


Each year we are blessed by various youth groups and ministry teams that come to serve with us in our nearby downtown neighborhoods.  They also provide yard work for our elderly neighbors.  Traditionally, groups from Union Chapel, Tabor Baptist, Commonway, Muncie Realtors, Ball State Campus Crusade, Westminster Presbyterian and Delta Youth For Christ have all come to join us in serving our community!



BNF Ministries (Blood n Fire) offers a number of opportunities in which our friends may partipate.  You are welcome to join us through serving and/or benefitting from these services.  The following are some examples of ministries we offer! 

Community Empowerment Kitchen


Our commercial Community Empowerment Kitchen became fully operational in April 2014!  This kitchen effectively delivers our BNF Ministries community meal each week and our in-house partner Inside Out Community Development Corporation has delivered over 350,000 hot meals and healthy snacks to empower our partner youth serving organizations through it's Fresh Directions Program.  Go to for more information.


Fall Festival


Each October, neighbors gather at our Fall Festival to enjoy fun, food and fellowship.  Games, special activities and prizes along with food, cider and donuts all make this a special community activity enjoyed by all.  The support of our partner churches: The Compass Church and Union Chapel help make this ministry possible!

Thanksgiving,Christmas Celebrations


These very special holiday events are greatly appreciated by

all of our friends who love to join us at these celebrations.  Fantastic food and music are enjoyed by all.  The generous donations and volunteer support of Union Chapel Ministries make these special ministry events possible.

Community Christmas Store



2020 will mark the 18th annual Community Christmas Store.  The store serves parents who need a thrifty place to shop in order to provide Christmas gifts for their children.  Eligible parents may purchase two $2.50 gifts per child.  Income from the store supports children's programming.  Your financial support of the Community Christmas Store provides quality gifts for parents who otherwise might not have a family Christmas.

Guts to Serve


Do you have the "Guts to Serve?"  Calling all ministry groups!  Consider bringing your youth group, small group, Bible Study group, community group, agency, professsional organization, etc. and get your hands dirty engaging mission.  We have all kinds of ways to custom fit a plan for you to serve our community and engage residents in meaningful ways as we share life and love throughout our community!

Vegetable Gardens


Blood n Fire (BNF) loves fresh vegetables from gardens.  Historically, we have planted gardens and harvested an abundance of produce.  Friends and partnes grow extra vegetables in their gardens to donate to our Communtiy Meal and Food Pantry programs.  Please consider donating some of your time to work in gardens or set aside produce from your garden to help us feed the food insecure.